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Getting To Know Me,

Lynsey Claire

Firstly I send you the warmest Congratulations on your engagement. Time to get excited and go Pinterest crazy!

I am proud to tell you that I love my job! Now there’s a sentence I never thought I would hear myself say. I spent far too long waiting for the “what if’s” … Years of getting up and going home in the dark, sitting on the motorway with just the radio for company. I realised life is far too short to not do what you love. So here I am, extremely excited to meet fun, modern, and stylish couples like you, looking to create the most amazing and memorable day! Creating relaxed luxurious weddings are my inspiration, as it means you are also having fun as a couple and making memories to cherish!

I am recently married to my amazing husband Richard, and now just trying to convince him an adorable little puppy would be a great addition to the family…That’s a work in progress and much more lash fluttering required there i think. 

My favourite thing to do is travel, and have been backpacking around parts of the world twice. Lucky me I know! I have experienced things I thought only existed in glossy holiday brochures, as well as things I thought only happened in movies; like sharing a hostel room with 4 Korean partying teenagers in Malaysia…But that's a story we can tell over a drink!

My favourite time is spent with friends and family, in front of the fire, with a good G&T, and a mountain of chocolate.  I am equally in my element strutting around a cold, muddy, English festival field, Hunters on, outfit planned weeks in advance, sipping on a (usually warm and over priced) cider with my girlfriends!

I would love to hear all about you and how you are about to marry your best friend. Oh yes, and I'm a sucker for a good proposal story so I would love to hear yours!

Why not get in touch with me for a relaxed No Obligation Quotation, and lets start chatting Weddings over a

cuppa and cake, or maybe even a G&T.


Warmest Wishes x

 Lynsey Claire

Wedding Care - Keeping it in the family

My loving little business, Wedding Care With Lynsey Claire, 

has come from a wonderful family history of succeeding in the wedding industry. 30 years ago, Mum and Granny went into business together and opened the doors to the most wonderful little Bridal Shop they named Wedding Care.

They prided themselves on quality, care, and going above and beyond their role within the industry. It may have been a small shop in comparison to the luxurious bridal rooms you step into today, however, the service and passion they offered to clients as though they were friends, provided me with some of the most inspirational memories of my childhood.


They are undoubtedly the reason I have spent 15 successful years providing the best customer service throughout my career; All of my childhood years spent prancing around in bridesmaid dresses and shoes that were 5 sizes too big for me, catwalks at wedding shows, and being surrounded by the most excited brides, is the reason I am a passionate wedding planner. I would love to make you feel just as amazing and inspired!

x x x

Wedding Care Values

My core values speak volumes within the business name Wedding Care.

I am a huge believer that from the smallest personal touches, to the most elaborate gestures, they should be cared for with the same set of values. 


C - Caring, Calm,  and Creative - Remaining professional yet creating a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere is absolutely my aim for any special occasion! Weddings are becoming less traditional these days, so I encourage you to get creative and explore your day your way! After all, there is no book to follow, so why recreate what everyone else does?!

A - Attention to detail, and A friend you can rely on - We will be working as team throughout your planning process, so it's vital we are all on the same page! You can relax in confidence knowing that you have a supportive wedding planner with a professional eye for detail, as we plan your special occasion over the coming months as a team. What's more, many wedding planners go on to become friends for life as we care so much.

R - Relationships are built on Respect, Integrity, Trust, Honesty, and most importantly FUN - We may be working together for 6 weeks or 18 months, either way, we will absolutely build a relationship based on all of the above values, in order to create your day the way you envisioned. 

E - Empowering you to always have the final decision on any detail, with Excellence delivered form start to finish no matter what the task. My main priority is that the thoughtfully designed packages are tailored to your requirements. This is your special day, and I can offer as much or as little assistance as you personally require, and always with you at the heart of it.

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