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Wedding Planning Advice you wish you knew sooner

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the wonderful, if not slightly crazy, world of weddings !!!

Chances are you are currently receiving advice from anyone and everyone within your family and friendship groups who genuinely only wish you well; “you must do this,” “don’t forget to invite so-and-so,” the list will go on for the duration of your planning, however, there are certain aspects to planning your wedding which you probably really did wish you knew sooner, which might not have been brought to your attention.

1. Planning in a logical order will save you costly mistakes:

It’s so important to have a budget of affordability before you even open your Pinterest app. The size of your guest list will determine the type of venue you should be looking at. Some will only cater for 50 seated guests, some will say a minimum of 70-100 guests, the list goes on.

2. Control your budget

Having a 10-15% buffer within your budget can be a real help for unexpected surprises. Did you include alterations in your dress budget? Did you account for thank you gifts for the parents and bridal party? What about the confetti?

3. The Video shouldn’t be a last resort

I can’t tell you how many Brides who have told me their biggest regret is not having a videographer. There are moments of laughter, the sound of grandparent’s voices and hilarious speeches which you just can’t capture via Photo

4. It’s not a race

It’s your big moment, make the most of it! When you walk back up the aisle in 45 minutes you will be married!! Your guests like to take a good look at how gorgeous you are, and you will want to embrace the feeling you get of nerves, excitement and happiness.

5. Always pack an emergency kit

A wedding planner won’t leave home without the kitchen sink and neither should you! Needle and thread, paracetamol, plasters, tissues, change of shoes, deodorant, sanitary items, the list is endless

6. Move the cheeseboard

No one wants the smell of sweaty cheese as you are trying to fill the dancefloor. You can cause chaos if you have some people wanting to dance and some trying to que for a late night snack.

7. Save your soles

Lightly sandpaper the soles of your shoes which will prevent any unwanted slips and trips on the perfectly polished venue floor.

8. Tell your suppliers your budget

Love a supplier but just can’t afford them? Many suppliers can sometimes try and accommodate your requests by altering their services to suit both parties.

9. Move the date to get the venue

Deciding to have a mid-week wedding could be a huge advantage to planning within your budget whilst getting all the suppliers and venue you hope for. You could save yourself 50% in being flexible on dates.

10. No scrap paper speeches

They are too easy to misplace. Instead have them in an envelope, laminated, or on an ipad. Either way, there should always be a backup copy somewhere in the venue.

11. Expect the unexpected

No matter how perfectly you have planned your day, you need to be prepared for potential hitches. Raining, red wine split on your dress, car breaks down, cake falls over. These are all very real events that could happen – but it’s these events that you’ll never forget, and laugh about for years to come.

12. Pass the guest book

You would be surprised how many guests will forget to sign your guest book as they get so involved in your wedding. The best way to ensure every guest leaves you a memorable comment is to pass it around during the sit down meal.

13. Bridal Breakfast

So much excitement and nerves float around on the wedding morning, don’t forget to make time to eat. No one wants a fainting Bride or Groom. Especially if your ceremony is 3pm! Why not organise a nice buffet to pick at during the getting ready phase.

14. Allow travel time.

If you have chosen a cosy romantic winter wedding, don’t forget that your on the day timeline needs to have contingency time included to accommodate travelling guests in bad weather and potentially delayed suppliers and guests.

Finally, remember a wedding can take 350 hours to plan, and that is time you can never get back. You don’t need to try and win wedding planner of the year awards with your endless spreadsheets and shiny presentations– that’s what we are here to do! Alternatively, turn to internet for templates and guidance to ensure you’re day is planned as you imagined. Most importantly, enjoy every second!


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